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I am a clairvoyant intuitive numerologist, with more than twenty years of experience, I have a strong heritage and linage of spiritual women behind me and I was taught the old ways and lores of channeling to spirit and people that have passed.
Do you need some insight into your relationship or career? I have a passion to help you see your way ahead and understand what to do, I will tell you exactly what I get... THE TRUTH. I trust spirit implicitly as I know they only want to help you find the answers you are looking for now, to release the worry and stress you are feeling and bring you confirmation of where from here.

Stress and fear of the future is a real issue now with everything going on in our relationships, careers and family lives and the pressure of life is real on all of us.
Come and talk to me and I will connect to you and channel information from spirit using first names and dates of birth.

My business background means I have an in-depth understanding of what is needed in business today. If you want to look at how you can improve your career or business opportunities to help you feel more empowered, come and talk to me.


What is happening in my relationship?
Will my husband/partner and I get back together?
Will business improve?
Will I find a new lover soon?
Is now the right time to change my job and if not when
How do I improve my confidence?
Does he/she love me?

I look forward to talking with you and sharing all the information I receive from my heritage guides. I have been shown the old lore’s and ways by my mother who was a professional clairvoyant for more than 30 years who was also taught by her mother. My passions coupled with my clairvoyant abilities have been the key to my success as a clairvoyant intuitive.

The energies of today…
At times we endure situations that shut us down and cause stress and low self worth. This can be very draining, meaning you stay where you are now, instead of where you want to be. I know a reading with me can show you an alternate view that will help you find the success and life you desire.

I channel energy through anyone’s name or birthdate and can connect to then emotionally to see how they are feeling. I always look for solutions to help you through your difficult time as I believe that spirit is there to help and support us through your lessons with love, family, business and career.

Why do you keep repeating the same mistakes in relationships or at work or why can you never seem to find the love partner you desire. I can point out what blocks are in front of you and make suggestions on how to clear them.

HAVE YOU CREATED NEGATIVE BLOCKS IN YOUR LIFE LIMITING you from living the life you desire...

If you feel stressed and your mind is full of negative chatter this can hinder you: meaning you attract problems and negative energy, which deliver limitations which can make you feel immobilized and stuck. These blocks stop you achieving your goals of finding a love partner or financial freedom you desire. Sometimes this means you repeat the same problem over and over seemingly never attracting to you what you want. i.e. attracting negative relationships or financial problems. And tougher times, constantly making you feel stuck or lost.
I am here to help you understand and remove these limited beliefs.

I have natural business acumen as I have worked in the corporate world for many years, my interest and background in business and finance means I understand why you are experiencing difficult work or business issues. I have recently left the corporate world to pursue my passion and work with my heritage and clairvoyant abilities.

I look forward to connecting to you and helping you clear the way for a more empowered future personally and in business.



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