Intuitive Weekly Runic Guidance for the Week Beginning 14 May 2012

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This week's guidance is rather simplistic. Primarily, the overriding counsel for this week is to slow things all the way down, maintain only the status quo and wait for this week's difficult, blocking energy to pass.

If we push to hard this week, wield our determination and invest our energies into accomplishing, it will just not be productive nor bode well. We will find ourselves merely spinning our wheels. It is best for us to relinquish control, quell any stubborn inner drive to make things happen no matter what, and turn everything over to the Universe to sort things out.

If we refuse to do so, we can expect stress, irritation, aggravation, disappointments through circumstances and being let down by the actions of others.

It is wisest to not make investments, not take risks no matter how calculated, nor trust our hunches this week. For it is more than likely that nothing will turn out as we planned.

What we should be doing to get through this week as calmly, as gently and as wisely as we can is to take pause and revamp our thinking and plans of action. Rebalance our minds, our emotions and our bodies engaging in the most simple and basic ways. And in ways that do not involve or rely on the participation or involvement of others. Meditate, take walks, exercise, relax, read a book, craft, work at a hobby, clean out your drawers. The message to us: "Renew your relationship with yourself."

At work, we should process what is essential and then place our focus on doing such things as researching, catching up on trade periodicals, compiling lists for leads, mailing, contacts or to do, cleaning out our email and other correspondences, going through and clearing files and periodicals, reorganizing our computer files and desktops and drawers. In essence, we should gear our professional activity to doing as much as we can independently.

Throughout this week, we are advised to maintain an easygoing and flexible attitude to life. As the week closes and the unavoidable storm of energies going on around us comes to a calm, we will then be in a position to move forward rather than find ourselves entrenched in resolution and repair. Our spirits and energy will be in tact, if not revitalized. Our inner selves, our circumstances and our environments will be more balanced. All good results, from not trying to venture out in the storm. Instead we will reap the wisdom of carefully guiding our focus to expending our energy and effort on all that is independent and individualized during this week.

Work with the forecasted energy for the week ahead, utilizing the intuitive wisdom garnered from Runic guidance and craft the quality of life you seek!

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