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It has been a very hectic week for me and I could not manage to carve out a quiet time to intuitively consult with the Runes and prepare guidance for this past week. But happily, the opportunity to provide guidance for the weekend has afforded itself and I am delighted to share it with you!

It appears that for most the flow of life this week has caused us to expend determined effort and responsibly shoulder all that needed to be accomplished. Things fell into place readily enough as result of our efforts but significant attention, energy, willpower and determination supported by the flow of own inner intuitive guidance were required to carry us through a challenging but successful week. Beneficial changes in the parameters of our situations, circumstances and outlook have transpired as a result.

Having tackled the week in the right spirit, well-accomplishing much and being closer to achieving other goals, many are experiencing a re-invigorated sense of personal empowerment. This puts us in a good place to enlist and integrate advice from others who possess wise judgement and good common sense and makes this weekend an excellent time to contemplate on making envisioned changes, whether inwardly or outwardly.

This weekend is actually an excellent period to commit ourselves to our most treasured goals, objectives and ideal circumstances…To commit ourselves to doing all we can to turn them into a reality…To commit ourselves to working diligently from a positive perspective to prepare the soil, lay in the seeds and nurture the growth, but all the while clearly understanding that it will require the passage of time and continual energy to harvest the rewards of our so doing.

Bolstered by own sense of renewed or strengthened empowerment and utilizing the supportive wisdom received from reliable trusted sources, we would be wise to be embarking on the path toward opportunities or self-discoveries previously unexplored, set aside, or only dreamt of. We will be experiencing an adventurous spirit and one that celebrates our own sense of personal vitality. And we will be feeling rather uplifted and lucky!

We are being advised to proceed in this way with a bright spirit and happy heart, engaging in interactions with like-minded upbeat individuals and groups that will be supportive and provide strong resources to draw on. So doing will facilitate the turning of our strongly desired intentions into the positive action that does not stop until we manifest that which will provide us a deep sense of joy for a long time to come.

Work with the forecasted energy for this weekend, utilizing the intuitive wisdom garnered from Runic guidance and craft the quality of life you seek!

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