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You may have a psychic vision and not realize it

It is entirely possible that you may have seen visions in your mind and ignored them completely. Maybe you thought that you were imagining something that you saw, so you disregarded it. Sometimes people with the gift of psychic vision think that they are going crazy when they have a vision. Sometimes they do not tell anyone else for fear of others thinking that they are lying, or that they just imagined the vision. When you keep having these visions, you eventually come to the realization that you must have some sort of psychic power.

Psychic visions could mean that you are clairvoyant

A person with the gift of clairvoyance is able to see things clearly. They may be able to see what is happening in a person's life in a flash that plays in their mind like a 10 second video. Another way that a clairvoyant sees things is through words that appear before them. There may be only a few words, and the psychic then needs to interpret what they mean. Psychics online with this gift use it to answer your questions when you contact them by phone or through psychic chat. If you want to know if a professional psychic is clairvoyant, you can ask him or her, or you can read the psychic's profile that is listed on the website.

Psychic visions can occur when you are awake or asleep

Although most psychics who provide advice and help for their clients have psychic visions while they are awake, it is also possible to have psychic visions while you are sleeping. A psychic vision can take the form of a dream, and it may seem to be crystal clear. If you are wondering about which direction to take about a job change, or something about your love relationship, go to sleep at night telling yourself that you will have your answer as you sleep. If you wake up during the night, record your dream in a journal that you keep next to your bed. Otherwise, record it in the morning. Even if it is in small bits and pieces, it may begin to make more sense in a day or two. You can think of a psychic vision as one or more puzzle pieces. You may need to find the rest of the pieces throughout the day. Maybe you will see a magazine headline while waiting in the grocery store line that will provide a few more pieces. You could also have more psychic visions that will provide additional information that you need. Being clairvoyant usually means that you need to investigate to find the meaning of the psychic visions that you have.

Take time to reflect on each psychic vision

If you have been gifted with clairvoyance and you are having psychic visions, it is important to take some quiet time to let the information that you have received in your vision sink in. You might want to consult with your favorite psychic who does online tarot readings to find an answer to what your vision really meant. After you have become accustomed to having psychic visions and interpreting them, you may still want to get the opinion of someone else who is familiar with the metaphysical realm. Almost every psychic will have valuable information to help you make sense of the visions that you have had.

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