Palm Reading 101

The basics of palm reading

There are different ways to decide which hand to read when you want to begin learning palm reading. Women generally use their right hand and men use the left to represent the destiny that you were born with. The other hand is then what has happened in your present life. There are four main lines on your hand, which are the heart line, the head line, the life line, and the fate line. Each of these may be long or short. Sometimes they have breaks, meaning that there is space where the line stops and later picks up. You can look at your lines by yourself because it is not necessary to be a psychic to read palms. Psychics online cannot see the details of your palm, so many of them read your energy that is in your aura.

How to interpret your heart line

The heart line is believed to show how many romantic relationships you may have in your life, your heart health, and your emotional stability. Some people's heart lines begin at the pinkie and move towards the thumb, but most of the time the heart line begins at the first finger, index finger, or it can be as short as beginning at the ring finger. Many other characteristics and events can be seen by a professional who knows that a circle on the heart line could mean depression, or that a broken heart line in several places might indicate different relationships that end and break your heart.

The head line has many meaning as well

The head line on your palm also represents many things, including how much you like learning, your learning style, and whether you enjoy learning new things. Even the depth of your head line has special meaning. If you have a deep long line for your head line, you may be a good thinker who focuses easily. Lines that cross over the head line can represent different emotional problems that you will face in your life. People who have many crosses through the head line may make spur-of-the-moment decisions.

Events shown by your life line

Most people think that their life line shows how long they will live, but it actually shows your health, physical injuries that will happen, or other negative events, such as major surgeries or injuries. Some people believe that it reflects physical health and major life changes. It also can show you simple things like the fact that you tend to get tired easily or that you are full of energy. If your head line is a semicircle, it can mean that you are strong and enthusiastic. Not many psychics use palm reading during a live psychic reading. Instead they depend on their own psychic gifts, information from their spirit guides, and other tools that are far more reliable.

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