List of Healing Stones and What They Do

Stones and crystals are not only beautiful to look at, they contain powerful energies that can be used to heal and soothe the body, mind and soul. Below is a list of healing stones and what they do...


Color: Violet - Purple

Physical properties: Relieves tension in the body, eases headaches, helps to combat stress, detoxifying, useful for those suffering from addictions or obsessive behaviors.

Spiritual properties: Aids meditation and dream recall, helps to reduce anger and calm the mind, help to open up psychic pathways and increase intuition, protects against psychic attack.

Black Obsidian

Color: Black

Physical properties: Beneficial for the stomach and intestines, helps to clear infections.

Spiritual properties: Protects against psychic attack, sharpens the mind and encourages focus.

Black Tourmaline

Color: Black

Physical properties: Grounding and protective, helps to deflect negative energy from televisions, computer monitors and cell phones, releases tension, good for work on the spine.

Spiritual properties: Helps to clear the aura, removes blockages, promotes positivity.


Color: Yellow - Orange

Physical properties: Energizing, detoxifying, aids the digestive system.

Spiritual properties: Helps to attract prosperity, increases confidence, promotes joy.


Color: Blue

Physical properties: Helpful for back pain, useful for thyroid conditions, regulates blood pressure, helps to manage weight problems, heals infections.

Spiritual properties: Useful in work with altered states of mind duch as dreamwork, vizualization, meditation, deflects negative energies and removes blockages.


Color: Green

Physical properties: Useful for asthma and inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, cleansing.

Spiritual properties: Helps to relieve anger and depression, useful for aura cleansing.

Orange Calcite

Color: Orange

Physical properties: Helpful for the urinary, reproductive and digestive systems, useful for chronic fatigue syndrome and emotional breakdown.

Spiritual properties: Relieves depression, fear and anxiety, useful for treating phobias.


Color: White - Pale Yellow/Green

Physical properties: Helps to ease inflammatory conditions, helps to balance the body’s pH levels, energy boosting.

Spiritual properties: Aids meditation and astral travel, clears blockages, activates the chakras.

Rose Quartz

Color: Pink

Physical properties: Useful for skin disorders, helps to relieve stress.

Spiritual properties: Heals and opens the heart, alleviates sadness, encourages love.


Color: Dark Green

Physical properties: Purifying and cleansing, helpful for the nervous system.

Spiritual properties: Assists angel communication, useful for magickal work.

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