How To Tell If A Psychic Is Fake

It’s a sad fact that there are fake ‘psychics’ that try to con people out of their money for their own financial profit. Fortunately, the truth is that there aren’t as many ‘fake’ psychics as some people would have you believe - especially those who are sceptical of all things psychic in the first place. There are many excellent online psychics who can provide you with a high-quality reading - but it does help if you’re aware of the way in which fake psychics operate. If you’d like to know how to tell if a psychic is fake, the following article will show you how.

Beware the psychic scam

Psychic scammers often target people that are known as ‘psychic addicts’ or ‘psychic junkies’. This type of person is someone who may have tried out numerous psychic hotlines and spoken with a large number of psychics over a short period of time - trying to find the answers they seek that they believe will help solve all their problems. Psychic scammers zoom in on this type of person, or anyone else who they may feel is gullible or vulnerable, and try to build their trust; they may do this by giving some good general readings, so that the person is lulled into a false sense of security and keeps going back to that psychic for more.

Psychic scams play on people’s fears and usually center around the idea that the client has been ‘cursed’ in some way. Once a con artist has gained a person’s trust they will tell them that they have been cursed, but not to worry because they have the powers to remove the curse. Of course, the only way to remove the curse will be to pay the psychic scammer a huge sum of money. Sadly, many people have fallen for this scam and lost their money. The psychic scammer makes sure that they cannot be traced by insisting that payment is made by wire transfer, rather than by check or credit card, and may give any number of credible reasons why payment must be paid by wire transfer.

The truth is that curses do not exist; it is easy to associate a run of bad luck with a curse, but it’s an unfortunate fact of life that bad things can happen to good people. Don’t be fooled by a psychic who tells you that you are cursed and avoid any psychic that insists on payments by wire transfer. To stay safe, stick with psychics from reputable companies that give psychic readings online.

A word about spell casting

A variation of this scam is the fake psychic that offers to cast a spell for you to help get rid of bad luck, bring a love partner back, secure you a job or anything else that cannot be guaranteed in life. Spell casting is okay when it is done to set intentions; it plays a large part in the Wicca and Pagan traditions. But if someone offers to cast a spell for you, for a large sum of money don’t buy into it. By all means purchase a spell for a few dollars to help you set intentions. However, if you want a spell to work, it’s better to cast the spell yourself - with intention.

Other ways to spot a fake psychic

If you want to know how to tell if a psychic is fake, there are some other clues to look out for. Fake psychics ask you a lot of leading questions - they are trying to you to reveal as much about yourself as possible. Real psychics will only ask you if their words and messages mean anything to you; they tell you things rather than asking you things.

Fake psychics also make more misses than hits, and the hits they give may be very weak or general. Strong hits are things that the psychic could never have known about you, and the more detail they can give you the better. Hits aren’t things that could apply to anyone in the world, so look out for a psychic that makes vague generalities, such as, “you’re at a crossroads in your life” etc. A good psychic should give you names, dates, places and memories that truly mean something to you.

Another way to tell if a psychic is fake is to observe their responses when you point out any misses they’ve made. If a psychic becomes flustered, or even angry with you, when you tell them that the information they are giving you isn’t right this is a good indicator that the psychic is fake. Don’t be fooled by the line: “Well, I’m just telling you what my spirit guides are showing me, so I must be right, and it must fit somewhere in your life or in your future”! Good psychics never become flustered or angry. Why? Because they have no reason to!

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