How To Send A Psychic Message

The ability to send a psychic message to another person using the power of thought alone is known as telepathy. If you want to know how to send a psychic message, then read on...

Telepathy occurs when two minds become linked through the power of thought. If you’ve ever had a strong ‘feeling’ about someone or felt like you could hear another person’s thoughts, then you have probably experienced telepathy. Online psychics sometimes experience telepathy when they interact with you during a psychic reading - this is how they seem to know exactly what you have been, or are, thinking.

If you would like to know how to send a psychic message yourself, the exercise given below will show you how.

1. First of all make sure that you have a calm and quiet space and 30 minutes or so to yourself when you will not be interrupted. Then, allow yourself to enter into a calm state of mind by closing your eyes and breathing deeply and steadily for a few minutes. If you already know how to meditate, then practice one of your usual techniques.

2. Think about the person you want to send a psychic message to; if you have a photograph of the person, this will help you to make contact with them. Look at the photograph and focus on that person. If you prefer not to use a photograph, imagine the person you want to send a message to in great detail. Visualize the person, imagine their face, the sound of their voice and their laugh, their facial expressions, the clothes they wear, the way they walk and stand, and try to recall the scent of any perfume or aftershave they wear. The aim is to visualize the person as fully as possible, using all of your senses wherever you can.

3. Telepathy is most effective when we have an emotional link to the person we are trying to send a message to. There are many documented stories of twins being able to communicate with each other telepathically and of mothers and fathers receiving telepathic messages from their children at times when the children were sick or in danger. Simply thinking about the person you wish to make contact with isn’t enough; you need to try to recall and experience some emotion or feeling that has occurred between the two of you.

4. Now rub your hands together to build an energy ball; visualize a ball of energy forming between your hands as you rub them together. After rubbing your hands together for a few seconds, pull them apart and then bring them closer together; try to feel the resistance of the energy ball you have just created between your hands.

5. Speak the name of the person you wish to send your message to into the energy ball and aim to link your thoughts with his or her thoughts. If you feel any resistance at this point, it may be that the person doesn’t want you to contact them in this way, you may hear a ‘no’ in your mind, or you may get a strong feeling within your body that tells you this. If you do then bring the procedure to an end.

6. If you do not sense resistance of any kind then it is okay for you to send your message. It is often helpful to speak your message out loud. Once you have done this, visualize your message reaching that person.

7. End the session by rubbing your hands together again to signify to yourself that you have finished. Try to forget about your message and go about your normal routine. If you give too much thought to the contents of your message, you may hold it back from reaching the person it was intended for.

If you would like to know more about telepathy or any aspect of psychic development, you can schedule a live psychic reading with any of our experienced psychics for more help or advice.

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