Clairvoyant Games

Games can improve your psychic skills

If you are serious about sharpening your psychic skills, consider playing psychic or clairvoyant games. The word clairvoyant is derived from the French language and it means clear thinking. People who are clairvoyant, such as psychics online are able to see things that most people do not see. They can do this because of their "clear thinking" that allows them to see and know things. Some people believe that everyone has the ability to be clairvoyant, but that they need to draw forth their ability that lies within them. To do this, there are many clairvoyant games that you can play. In the meantime, as you are working on developing your own clairvoyance, you may want to play some of the online and computer games that involve clairvoyance. Clairvoyance involves seeing the past, present, and future, not just the future as most people believe.

Play clairvoyant games on your computer

A fun way to work on your clairvoyance is by playing online games, such as "Clairvoyant: The Magician mystery" by Big Fish Games. You use your own clairvoyant powers to locate the carnival magician who disappeared. In the meantime, have fun playing carnival games and more. "Clairvoyance" is another online board game that is played with others online. If you want to be creative, try making up your own games either online or otherwise. The methods are limitless. Focusing on how many new email messages you may have in your inbox and then seeing if you are right is fun, and it takes only minutes. Another game is to focus on the news headline before opening your browser and then see if you are right when it opens.

Make up your own games with a deck of cards

One way to make up your own game with a regular deck of cards is to shuffle the deck, and deal out five cards face down. Spread them out in front of you and concentrate on one card at a time. Use your clairvoyant ability to guess what the card is. Then, turn it over to see if you were right. If you do this every day, or several times each week, your clairvoyance will improve. Many professional psychics who do online tarot readings say that their psychic ability sharpens as time goes on. That is because they are using this talent and it improves the more that it is used. Other kinds of games that you can do are to try to use your inner ability to predict what color shirt your boss will be wearing today. Predict how many pieces of mail you will receive, and make up your own clairvoyant games as the day goes on. You will notice that you are improving after doing this for some time.

Check with your favorite psychic for recommendations

The next time that you contact your favorite psychic for a live psychic reading, ask him if there are some games that would help you develop your clairvoyance. Psychics are professionals who have already traveled down the path that you are now walking on. They may recommend that you meditate for a few minutes each day to learn to better focus, or to practice some other type of clairvoyant games. Keep in mind that clairvoyance takes time to develop, especially if it is not your strongest psychic gift. If you want to know if you should continue developing this gift or focus on another psychic ability, your online psychic can help you find the answer to this question.

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